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Who We Are
Modiant is a world-class, data-driven product development company headquartered in Houston, TX. Modiant is the newest member of Crane Capital Group, Inc., the holding company for Jim Crane’s various entities, including the Houston Astros. We provide solutions to arduous, real-world problems that were once thought to be impossible to solve – problems that have plagued companies for years and industries for decades. Our rapid, cross-functional, proprietary technology and industry-agnostic approach to development immediately brings real bottom line value to our clients. Our best-in-class, multi-disciplinary team has solved some of the most difficult data-related problems in the world. We have proven experience across many seemingly unrelated verticals – Global Logistics and Supply Chain, Professional Baseball, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, US Military, and the Video Gaming Industry – to name just a few. Our focus is solving real problems and creating real value for our clients – we help our clients stand out at a time when they are looking for both clear direction and true innovation. Simply put, when our customers have high-value data problems, Modiant has a solution. Join this new, energetic company that focuses on what makes companies great. Data is the key, and it’s either our best friend or worst enemy.

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We are always looking for outstanding technical talent who possess a passion for storytelling and a desire to apply their skills to the pursuit of conquering real-world data and business process problems. If you would like to join our team, we invite you to explore our open positions at the link below.